Pillow Guide




You spend a third of each day asleep, so a correct sleeping environment becomes a critical aspect of your health and wellbeing.

The right pillow for you is as individual as you are! It’s important to choose carefully! A good pillow should provide the right level of comfort and support to ensure that your neck and head remain appropriately aligned with your spine while sleeping.

Take your time in selecting the right pillow as for health reasons holySheet! does not permit the exchange or refund of a pillow due to change of mind.



BACK SLEEPERS: Not too firm or too high, to keep the head, neck & upper back in alignment.

SIDE SLEEPERS: Conforms to the shape of the neck, keeping the spine in alignment. Often prefer a firmer, higher pillow.

TUMMY SLEEPERS: Low/soft pillow, need just enough support to align the neck & spine, but not too much to tilt the head up too high.



ALLERGIES: People prone to allergies might prefer a pillow constructed of hypoallergenic materials, that will both discourage the build-up of allergens, and be allergy friendly.

COMFORT: Do you prefer your pillow to be on the softer or the firmer side of the support level for your sleep style?

TEMPERATURE: Some pillow properties are naturally more cooling than others.

SIZE: Do you need a lot of space when you sleep, and therefore might need a pillow with larger dimensions.




Polyester is a man-made fibre and is relatively inexpensive. It is an easy care material and can be regularly washed. Polyester fibres will not retain their shape nor effectiveness as long as other fibres and will require more regular replacement. They should be viewed as an entry level pillow with a low to medium level of support.

 Down Alternative

A down alternative or microfibre pillow is a premium version of polyester. The fibres are much finer than polyester and generally provide a better level of softness, support and durability. It can also be machine washed and along with polyester is a good alternative for people with allergies.

 Down and Feather

Blends of feather and down combine to provide a natural filling with excellent support which moulds to the shape of your head and neck. Down is light, fluffy & soft making it the most luxurious of fills. The higher the feather content, or the larger the fill amount, the firmer the pillow. Down is a more durable fibre than synthetic options and should give you several years of use.


Latex is derived from rubber trees with no chemical additives. It is renowned for its long performing support with softness and ability to hold its shape. It conforms well to the shape of your head and should provide a continuous level of support through the night. Latex pillows will come in a range of sizes, shapes and densities to suit most sleeping requirements. Latex is normally aerated to assist in dispersing heat as some individuals can find latex a warmer fibre to sleep on.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a man made substance that was developed by NASA for the comfort of Astronauts and is made from visco-elastic. Memory foam adjusts to the shape of your head to provide gentle support & help with spinal alignment. It is designed to conform to your body shape and weight. Good memory foam will recover and retain its abilities for a long time. It also comes in a range of shapes and profiles to suit a variety of sleeping requirements.

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