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Quilt covers are used to protect the quilt as well as an embellishment for the bedroom. Quilts usually come in plain white, which is why buyers may wish to add some color to their bedrooms. For those looking to customize and decorate the look of their beds and bedrooms, it is always a great idea to have a few quilt covers with varying designs. If you are looking to buy quilt covers or doona covers for your bedroom, you will find them here on this page. Before you buy a quilt cover, you should know a few things including the size of the size of your quilt, the how to choose the best design of your quilt cover, and other features to look for before buying a quilt cover. Here are some tips for buying quilt covers online.

How to Buy a Quilt Cover?

Quilt covers come in different designs and colors, so you should not have any problems finding one that suits the theme of your bedroom. Quilt covers also come in different textures and thickness since they are made of many types of materials. Buying a doona cover for your bedroom might seem like a daunting task since there are many varieties to choose from, but if you know what to look for, it can be a fun and simple process. Here are 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Quilt Covers Australia

1. Know the Size of Your Quilt

The size of the quilt cover will depend on the size of your bed as well as the size of your quilt. It is always important to know the size of your bed before you go out shopping for your quilt cover sets. Obviously, it would not be a good idea to order doona covers online without knowing the size of your bed or quilt. We stock quilt covers of all sizes from king size quilt covers or king size doona covers to queen quilt covers or queen size doona covers, single bed quilt covers, double bed quilt covers, and even kids quilts. If you don’t know the actual measurements of your quilt in centimeters, it is still possible to find the right quilt cover set as long as you know the size of your quilt. When you are buying a quilt cover for your child’s bed, you should pay attention to the product description especially when buying online to make sure that the cover actually matches the quilt. We stock girls quilt covers and boys quilt covers

2. Find a Suitable Quilt Cover Design

Quilt covers come in different designs, and it is important to be aware that the design can influence the price of a quilt. Quilt covers typically come as a single piece fabric design, but some covers come with many fabric pieces patched or sewn together. Patchwork quilt covers and especially the hand-made variety cost more than the less embellished covers. If you have a limited budget, it is preferable to choose a quilt cover with a simple design and made from a single piece of fabric such as the white doona cover, grey quilt cover, black and white quilt cover, or the black quilt cover we have on offer. Generally, the more complicated the weave or pattern of a quilt cover, the more expensive it is likely to be.

3. The Material

Quilt covers are made of different materials including cotton, flannel, cotton blends, silk, or synthetic materials. While the prices will inevitably be different, so too are the characteristics of the material, including how hard or easy they are to clean. This is an important consideration if you are buying kids doona covers for your child. It is advisable to avoid buying delicate fabrics such as satin or silk if you have pets that are allowed to sleep on your bed. It is equally important to bear your skin type in mind, if you have sensitive skin, choose a breathable natural fiber such as cotton/linen or bamboo over microfiber. You can buy a linen quilt cover or linen doona cover from our website if you want quilt covers made of natural fibers.

4. Thread Count

The thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads there are for every square 10cm. You might assume that a higher thread count of any fabric translates to a softer, better wearing, and more luxurious fabric. However, there is much more to it than that. Quilt sets with a very high thread count can actually help trap heat than allowing air to move more freely, while a good quality low thread count quilt cover set with fine yarn will allow air to move through easily while still maintaining a lovely soft feel.

5. The Purpose of the Quilt Cover

It is important to consider what you need out of your quilt cover before you head out to buy one. If you live in a warm area, you should choose a thin and breathable quilt cover. However, your quilt cover should still be capable of protecting your quilt from dust and stains. If you have an allergy, then you should buy a hypoallergenic quilt cover. It is important to know how to clean your single quilt cover, king quilt cover, queen size quilt covers, covers for hygiene purposes and especially when buying kids doona covers. Some fabrics such as polyester, cotton blends, and pure cotton are easier to clean than other fabrics. Looking for Quilt Covers Online? Doona covers Australia are important for covering and protecting your quilt. Using duvet covers is also a great way to decorate your bed and bedroom as a whole. If you would like to buy quilt cover sets Australia, you should first know the size of your bed and quilt to determine whether you will buy king size quilt cover sets, queen size quilt covers or any other size of quilt cover as long as it is the right size. If you don’t know the measurement of your quilt, refer to the labels to find out their sizes. HolySheet is a leading provider of quilt covers among other bedding-related items. Now that you know how to buy a quilt cover, browse through our collection to find one that catches your eye.

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