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Finding the BEST QUILT for you!

Nearly every bed has one, but why is choosing a quilt so hard?

You spend a third of each day asleep, so a correct sleeping environment becomes a critical aspect of your health and well-being. A quilt is a very personal choice, so it is important to find a quilt that provides the right amount of warmth and weight to suit your body and how you sleep.


Warm or Cool? - Different quilts have different insulating qualities than others, meaning they retain or release heat at different rates. For example, hot sleepers or summer nights may require a quilt with lower insulating properties.

"Light and Fluffy", or "I Like to Feel Covered" - Some people prefer their quilt to be light and fluffy, while others prefer a bit more weight for comfort.

Prone to Allergies? - People prone to allergies might need a quilt constructed of hypoallergenic materials, that will both discourage the build-up-of allergens, and be allergy friendly.




Down is the soft and fluffy clusters which grow under the outer layer of geese and ducks to protect them from the cold. Down is light and has significantly superior insulation capabilities than normal feather. It is also a natural fill choice and has good breathability drawing away moisture for a comfortable night’s sleep. Down is very resilient and will tend to last longer than synthetic alternatives.

Quilts may be constructed from either duck or goose down. Duck down is a good all-round choice suited to most climates while goose down has superior insulating properties and is well suited to colder climates.

Care: Down quilts should be aired regularly, particularly in the colder months. Placing in gentle sunlight will help refresh the quilt, dry any perspiration and kill off dust mites. Down quilts may be washed however do need to be dried thoroughly before use. Frequent washing will diminish the life of the quilt over time and regular airing or occasional dry cleaning is preferable.

All holySheet down quilts are Australian made! They have a cassette style construction which prevents the down from shifting and ensures an even distribution of warmth. The cover is made from a quality cotton japara fabric which forms a down proof casing.



Wool is an amazing insulator that can regulate the body’s temperature to help both warm & support the body’s natural cooling mechanisms. It is a good option for people who tend to overheat or where individuals have differing warmth requirements. Being a natural fibre wool has superior moisture absorption and breathability. It is also non-allergenic and fire resistant.

Care: Wool is a very resilient fibre and should provide many years of use. Generally wool quilts are not machine washable and will shrink and clump if the cleaning instructions are not followed. Machine washable quilts have been treated to make them shrink resistant and may consequently be washed. Quilts should be aired regularly which will refresh the quilt and kill off any dust mites.

All holySheet! range wool quilts are Australian Made and machine washable. They also come with the Australian Woolmark which certifies that they been tested and approved as a pure new wool product of a high standard. holySheet stocks a range of wool quilt weights to suit any season or warmth requirement.



Synthetic quilts are another name for polyester and are a popular choice as they are cost effective and easy to care for. Most can be machine washed and tumbled dried. They are often a good choice for people with allergies or for children where the quilt may need to be washed frequently.

Polyester quilts are not generally as durable as a natural fibre or microfibre. They are also not as breathable consequently they may be less suitable in a humid climate.

Microfibre quilts are a superior quality form of polyester and are made of a much finer fibre providing improved insulation, loft and durability. Microfibre is frequently referred to as a “down-alternative” due to its softness and down like feel. It is often a better synthetic choice for colder climates. Memory fibre is a newer product to the market which is a higher quality form of microfibre.



Cotton draws moisture away from the body to provide a comfortable night’s sleep. Ideal for warmer climates, summer or hot sleepers.

Bamboo quilts are even more absorbent than cotton and will wick moisture away from the body providing a cooler sleep experience. They are suitable for individuals who sleep hot or in humid climates.



It can be confusing when comparing types of quilts as there is no single standard for rating warmth. The weight of a quilt will frequently give an indication of the level of warmth and is measured in terms of gsm (grams per square meter). A summer quilt may range between 150-300gsm while also being thinner with a low loft. Winter quilts may range between 400-600gsm and generally have a higher loft factor.

A lot of products on the market do not list the gsm but may use terms such as high loft (around 400gsm or 2-3 blankets), light loft (around 250gsm or 1-2 blankets), and Super Loft (around 500gsm+ or 3-5 blankets). Alternatively, they may be described as summer, autumn or winter weight

Down quilts are rated differently in that the level of warmth is determined by the weight of down fill, the type of down, and the proportion of down to feather used. Generally speaking, goose down has superior insulating properties to duck down and the higher the ratio of down to feather the warmer the quilt. This may be expressed as a percentage ratio (80% down 20% small feather). The total fill weight will also have a bearing on the level of warmth.

It is also important to consider the different insulating properties of each fiber. Down and wool fiber are generally more efficient insulators than polyester, while cotton, bamboo, and tencel are better suited for summer due to their ability to wick moisture away from the body.





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